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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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IS DANIEL THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME IN THIS STORY? Daniel Brennan is the main character of the story,' Tom Brennan'. He plays an 18 year old son, who makes a decision that completely ruins his life and his reputation. Before the accident, Daniel had the dream life any teenage boy could ever want. He was five-eight and his brother Tom was half-back, they worked as a team. All that is over now. The story begins with the Brennans fleeing town. They packed all their belongings and left. They were ashamed of what went down just weeks recently. The harsh whispers that washed over and through the neighbourhood. They couldn’t handle it. Daniel might have turned his life and his family life around but he was not the only one to blame for the accident that took place. The night began with a positive start. The party was off the hook. The Saint John’s team had won the champion ships for the year. The guys went out for a good time to celebrate the victory. Daniel had a bit to drink, not surprisingly since he had been drinking lot lately. He was in a chilled mood, standing straight, and proud. It was a sudden change in mood. You could see the anger in his eyes. Fin seemed to be in a stable state. He was sober. Just before the accident occurred there had been a fight between Fin and Daniel. It was about, Claire, Daniel was certain there was something going on between the two, but he was foolish enough to not say anything before. When Claire approached him and exclaimed that their relationship was over. he staggered over to Fin, drunk and angry. The fight got out of hand. Everyone was yelling, the boys were cheering but nobody tried to stop it. Eventually Daniel just walked away.…...  

Daniel was the type of guy who wouldn’t let anyone drives his car. Luke, Dans best mate, Nicole and Fin were all squashed in the back. Even though Daniel wasn’t in any state to drive, none of them said a word. Those three people didn’t know what mess...
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