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Topics: Sociology, William Golding, Pig Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Andrew Pascua
Linda Darlene Foreman
SOC 101
3 March 2013

Lord of the Flies
Ralph is a natural leader. A dominant male liked by his friends and initially takes charge of the boys, which survived the plane crash accident, which left them stranded on the island. He rejects Piggy's friendship and sees himself as superior to him. Piggy is the boy, which is always picked on in the playground. He is fat and has glasses these are seen as weaknesses. He nether the less is included in the main group, somewhat reluctantly by Ralph, because his glasses are the only way the boys can make fire, which is needed to cook the pigs the boys kill, in order to survive. Piggy uses this to try to gain a certain respect from the other boys.

The story is about the power play between Ralph and the 'leader of the choir'. The choirboys end up displaying all the worst attributes of the human being. Their actions result in the murder of Piggy. Ralph keeps a standard of morality throughout the story and in the end, with Piggy's death realizes that true friendship and decency isn't dependent on physical stature or where people come from. After all the choir boys were supposed to be good, but where in fact easily lead by their leader to commit acts of cruelty. Indeed the only reason Ralph himself wasn't murdered was because a rescue party found the boys.

1) Hunter and gathering- the us of simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetation “Ralph, who has never been on a hunt before, quickly gets caught up in the exhilaration of the chase. He excitedly flings his spear at the boar, and though it glances off the animal’s snout, Ralph is thrilled with his marksmanship nonetheless. Jack holds up his bloodied arm, which he claims the boar grazed with its tusks. Although the boar escapes, the boys remain in a frenzy in the aftermath of the hunt. Excited, they reenact the chase among themselves with a boy named Robert playing the boar.” Chapter7 page 161 2) Social...
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