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1. Background of the Study

Our business is a Thai cuisine. The name of the business is BANANA LEAF. The country Thailand is known by its beautiful banana trees, the banana leaves is the symbol of Thailand’s tradition cuisine.

This business has been chosen because of our Asian heritage and roots where we have originally came from.

We love spending our holidays in Thailand specially in the summer which made us decide to have our own Thailand restaurant business in Bahrain.

Thailand is one of the top tourist spot in the world which made the Thai cuisine well known and demanded all over the world.

Banana Leaf restaurant will serve you the original taste of the unique blend of fresh herbs and spice to ensure an explosion of different flavours with everyone.

Banana leaf restaurant is located in Manama – Adliya, Near Al Bustan hotel and Indian embassy. Adliya area has been selected as the location due to various reasons, it attracts foreigners and there is a large number of Asian citizens living and working in Adliya.

It is designed The simple palate of off white marble, Corian, gold and silver mirror, and gold Alucabond is used to maximum effect to create the contemporary ‘Temple’. Corian is used extensively throughout, cladding furniture, tabletops, and walls, allowing for seamless transitions across the surfaces and adding to the ‘stone temple’ feel.

For the wall cladding the Corian is lasercut into an intricate lotus leaf motif pattern that had to be adapted and adjusted to suit the required panel widths throughout the space. Behind the lasercut panels lies silver and gold mirror creating depth, lightness, and the perfect spot for people watching. The mirror ceiling allows the pattern to continue vertically and creates a huge central volume of space. Fig & Wisteria trees cut into the middle of the central communal table soften the space & lights suspended in the branches provide twinkle at night. The showcase kitchen pulled to the front of the space, sits within a gold tiled box, opposite upholstered booths that are both intimate,

There is a website of the restaurant which provides pictures and health information about each dish and online delivery section to get your meal delivered for a free charge.and we also have a digital menu system where u can choose and see the menu with pictures and information of the recipes

2. Company’s Current Situation

We are trying to focus on the difficulties that we are going through nowadays, having late delivery of supplies,we are trying as much as we can to look for more replacements of our ingredients expensive shipment fees. We are planning to expand our location and opening a new branch of Banana Leaf.

This procedure has many side effects on both the customers mainly and on the restaurant, such as

• Time wasting

• Losing Customers Lack of Seats

• Increase the risk for given the wrong meal.

• Avoid Complaints of Customers

• Collecting information is more difficult for the staff (eg. Different in languages).

3. Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to provide a digital menu and a website (e-ordering) on the restaurant tables that let the customers choose their meals in a convenient environment and provide the fastest contact to the cashier.

And a Website that consist the menu and receipts of the restaurant by a simple clicks you can order and it will straight delivered to you ,

offer a variety of flavours and tastes. Culinary inspirations in Thailand. The subtle mixing of herbs and spices and market-fresh ingredient makes dining a special culinary experience

4. Objectives of the Study

1. General Objective

To be able to develop a digital menu and a e-ordering system that is more efficient, easy to use time conserver, and make things easier and approachable

2. Specific...
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