Essay the Speaker Claims That We Must Study Major Cities of a Society to Understand Its Most Important Characteristics. in My Opinion, the Accuracy of This Statement Seems to Be True in Developing Countries but Not True

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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The speaker claims that we must study major cities of a society to understand its most important characteristics. In my opinion, the accuracy of this statement seems to be true in developing countries but not true in agriculture countries where most of its people live in countryside. First, countryside and major cities of each society have difference characteristic because of the difference in lifestyle and social structure. They live in sky building where they know almost nothing about their neighborhoods. Meanwhile in country sides, people live in a village know everyone in their village. Therefore, culture is in countryside is more ultimately than the city, you can easy start conversation with people in the street, drop by in your neighbor house to have lunch or dinner anytime without informing in advance. These things do not happen in the city. This example clearly illustrates that major cities and countryside have difference characteristic. If we agree that countryside and major cities have difference characteristic, we get much closer to the point whether we must study major cities to understand the society. The answer of this question is based on whether or not major cities are majority in these countries. In developed country like European or America, most of people living in cities (and major cities are just represent cities in general) therefore major cities represent characteristic of its country. In developing country where countryside is dominant yet it is not the case. For example, a developing country like Vietnam has seventy percent of its people live in countryside. The traditional of countryside is people live in extended family (several generations live together) meanwhile in major cities, people live in their nuclear family (only two or one generation lives together). In this case, we must say extended family is one of the most importance characteristic of Vietnam. In sum, this essay have examined the definition of the most...
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