Essay the Bereavement for a Six

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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“The Bereavement of the Lion-keeper”
In the poem “The Bereavement of the Lion-keeper” the writer describes the incredible love that a lion and his keeper develop towards each other during their lives and the sadness of the man when the animal dies. In the first paragraphs the author successfully describes the way the keeper takes care of the lion in different manners. By saying “who begged for meat” the author wants to describe the special care that the keeper gives the lion looking for food and after this, he describes how he prepared the food carefully, as he would have fed a little baby or an old friend that needs special care, when the writer says “and cut it up small to feed him, since his teeth were gone”. In the next paragraphs of the poem, phrases like, “who could stroke his head”, “who knew how it felt to plunge fingers into rough glowing fur” or “who has seen him asleep so often” leaves the reader feeling how the keeper takes care on the lion describing the way he cleans and pampers the animal in different ways during its life and what it is incredible, how the lion accepts willingly what the keeper does.. And finally, as the conclusion of the poem, the author gives successfully the idea of the keeper’s feelings and frustration when the animal dies and by saying “to be an old man in a city without a lion”, help to build up the atmosphere effective of how they grow together and how both of them depend on each other.
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