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Topics: Singapore, Trigraph Pages: 27 (3957 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Theme: Understanding Governance
Ch 2: Governance in SingaPore







Do you agree that anticipating change and stay relevant is the most important guiding principle of governance for Singapore? Explain your answer. [ 12 marks ]

L1: Describes the general topic without focus being put on the issue in the question. [1-2m]
of 2 mks']
[ '1m for 1 de.tail and a second mark for further details up to a maximum L.g. Governince refers to the way a government manages the resources of the country so as to carry out its functions.
L2: Describes given OR / AND ldentifies / Describes Other Factor(s)' [3-4m] other factors up
[ 3m for identifyhg one factor, and an additional mark for identifying to a maximum of 4mks l
e.g. No, anticipating change and staying relevant is not the most important guiding principle of governance for Singapore. lnstead, it is '. I could choose from : ;Leadership is Xey', 'Reward for Work and Work for Reward' or 'A Stake for Everyone, OpportunitY for All' l

L3: Explains the given factor [5'6m]
[ 5m for an explanation of the given factor, and an additional mark for each supporting detail up to a maximum of 6mks.
e.g. Anticipating change and Staying Relevant is an important guiding principle foi Singapore. The government needs to take risks and make decisions that are forward--looking in anticipation of future challenges. For example, in preparing.for Singapore's friture water needs, the government has taken steps to ensure that Sinlapore is self-sufficient in water supply. This has been done through producing 'NEfoatei and desalinated water. Another example would be how, through the decision to build tvvo lntegrated Resorts, the government has taken bold steps to help Singapore capture the growing tourist market in the face of rising competition- At the inOividual level, studenis can ltretch their potential by coming up with creative and innovative ideas. workers too could play their part by upgrading their knowledge and skills to stay employable and contribute to the nation. Thus by anticipating change and staying relevani, Singapore can look forward to the challenges of the future with confidence.


Disagrees and explains other factor(s).
[5m fir an explanation of one other factor, and an additional mark for of 6mks.l
detail up to a maximum
e.g. Leadership is Key is a very important guiding principle of governance that Singapore praciices. Singapore takes care to Select leaders that have outstanding per;onal qualities such as honesty, moral courage and integrity, in addition to having talent. Potential leaders are specially selected and groomed. Singapore needs good leadership not only in government but also in every segment of t[e society. For example, the arts scene in Singapore made progress more vibrant arts scene. Thus, leadership is all important if singapore is to continue to prosper and face up to the challenges that misht come its *"u



people and thus be able to carry the people with them when decisions (even tough and less popular ones) are made for the good of the country. I candidate couid offer an explanation of either of the other two guiding principles instead l

e.g. 'Reward for Work and Work for Reward, is an important guiding principle of government. Underlying this principle is the belief in meritocracy. Meritocracy means a system that rewards hard work and talent. Meritocracy helps to give everybody in society an equal opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded ior their performance, regardless of race, religion and socio-economic background. Thus, for example, hardworking students who excel in their studies and co-curricular activities receive rewards in the form of Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursaries. All Singaporeans also received a share of the surplus from Singapore,s growth through the Progress Packager Thus, this principle encourages people to continue to wo-rk...
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