Essay - Sorry for the Loss

Topics: Human, Short story, Prison Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Sorry for the Loss
Every few seconds a human being dies; every few seconds a person will be missed. Throughout a lifetime a person has countless encounters and interactions with other human beings and a small percentage of those human beings become close friends and acquaintances. When the hourglass of life has run out of sand, people die that is the way of nature. Even though that is the way of nature, humans doesn't necessarily find nature reasonable, they want their loved ones to stay with them forever. That is why we are heartbroken when a person close to us dies, that is why we mourn and that is why we celebrate the lives of fallen individuals at funerals. Evie, a chaplain in Bridget Keehan's short story Sorry for the Loss from 2008 is completely puzzled, when she delivers the news of the death Victor Zamora's grandmother. She expects him to be completely devastated by the loss of his grandmother, as any other normal person would do, but all he does is to sniff hard once. Unprepared for the cold reception, she unsuccessfully tries to make him pray for his late grandmother, but all Victor cares for is the SORRY course that he has applied to. Shaken and more confused than ever, Evie leaves the cell and feels that she hasn't done her job. Why is Victor indifferent, when he is informed of his grandmother's passing away, but cares about unimportant things like the prisoner next door torturing pigeons? The narrator, a third person limited one, is centered around the chaplain Evie. Evie has been working in the prison for a year, and Victor's grandmother is the first death notice that she has to deliver on her own. She is a catholic Christian and has a religious mindset. She compares the feeling of praying "... feels comforted as though a fleece, gentle and soft, were enveloping her." (p. 3, l. 36-37) to some men's description of how enjoying heroin feels "... like being wrapped in cotton wool, "all warm and lovely"." (p. 3 l. 39) which tells much about her...
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