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Topics: Ethical consumerism, Business ethics, Fair trade Pages: 7 (1733 words) Published: February 8, 2013
sBP 2011 ISSUE 7&8 Comprehension Answers 1. What are two different ways that 'ethical' shopping has “burst noisily into the mainstream” (line 7)? Use your own words as far as possible. [2] Lifted Paraphrased

You can now buy a more socially or It is now possible to purchase a wide range of environmentally responsible version ethically produced products. of just about anything Green shopping websites abound There are many / plenty of online shops. OR The sale of such goods online is increasing. Advice on what, where and how to buy such goods appear even in print sources/media that are not expected to promote green causes. Product quality has vastly improved, there is a wide range of choice and it is easily accessible / conveniently available. Any two points [2] 2. What does the author mean when he says “clear indications of a trend of triumph for consumers with a conscience” (line 17)? List one example of this trend and show how this illustrates the consumer's “trend of triumph”. [3] Lifted clear indications of a trend of triumph for consumers with a conscience (section inferred from) In May, long-time animal-tester L’Oréal (also part-owned by Nestlé) bought the Body Shop. In June, pile-‘em-high sell-‘emcheap pioneer Wal-Mart announced it is switching much of its fruit and vegetables to organic. Ebay is even setting up a special ‘artisans’ site’ for fair trade producers. Paraphrased There are obvious signs [1] that consumers are demonstrating more concern for the environment and others [1]. This is shown by *cite 1 example from the list [½] which illustrates corporate giants’ commitment to selling more ethical products [½].

Ethical consumer guides are dropping out of the most surprising magazines.

Fair trade coffee tastes good these days, there is an abundance of brands to choose from and you can drink it in Starbucks in 23 different countries, or even in McDonald’s.


Why is the movement into the ethical market “an act of self-defence” for the big companies (line 27)? Use your own words as far as possible. [2] Lifted an act of self-defence, Paraphrased Large corporations have shifted/are changing to include ethical measures and resources [½] to protect their own interests [½] as they strongly believe/foresee without doubt [½] the growing popularity of ethical shopping/consumption with affluent consumers [½].

such is their conviction that it will become dominant in developed economies. 4.

Using your own words as far as possible, explain why 'ethical consumerism' (line 36) is not what it seems. [2] Lifted We might be trying to do it in an 'ethical' way Paraphrased Although we want/desire [½] to use things in ways that cause no harm/detriment to others or the environment [½], to use any/most commonly available products is fundementally/essentially [½] excessive/extravagant and devastates/ruins our natural resources [½].

but the fact remains that consumerism is, at the root, destructive and wasteful


What does the phrase “rose-tinted gilt” (line 40) refer to, and why do we need to be wary of it? [3] Lifted Rose-tinted gilt Paraphrased The phrase refers to the glamorous/showy/ostentatious messages [1]

Bono...‘Shopping is politics. You vote every from sources we esteem/trust/respect/idolise time you spend money.’ [1/2] New Consumer, which purports to be the about ethical consumerism as posing less ‘ultimate ethical lifestyle magazine’ …‘creating difficulty than ever before [1/2] a world that works for everyone has never been easier. It lies in your simple shopping decisions and lifestyle habits!’ It would be great if this were true; but it isn't. which are unfortunately [1/2] not accurate depictions of fact/reality [1/2].


Explain the author's use of the question “are you sitting down for this?” (line 75) in paragraph 7. [1] It indicates that the information/idea that follows this question is shocking [½] and will cause the reader to feel destabilised/disturbed [½].


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