Essay "Shell Shock During World War One"

Topics: World War I, World War II, Artillery Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: November 11, 2012
The Great War, later renamed World War One, was mainly a battle between the German and the English troops. Millions of soldiers died in the trenches. Others suffered from severe psychologically traumas. The majority of the soldiers, who suffered from psychologically traumas, were never able to return to the battle field. Experts were desperate to find a cure, but the regeneration hospitals remained unsuccessful during the war. Many of the soldiers, who suffered from shell shock, were haunted by the cruel memories for a lifetime.

The text, “Shell Shock during World War One” is an article published by BBC-history in 2011. The author of the text is Professor Joana Bourke. The intended audience is perhaps those, who are generally interested in history and also those, whose specific focus is World War One. The medium, in which the text occurs, is an online website founded by BBC. The general purpose of the text is to enlighten and expository the reader. There’s no sign of use of persuasion in the article. As the headliner emphasises the article is about shell shock during World War One. During the text we follow one of the British soldiers called Arthur Hubbard, who suffered from shell shock. The article focus on the mental traumas, which many soldier experienced during World War. The article deals with medical symptoms, how to define trauma and furthermore how the traumas may be cured. The argumentation plays a minor role in the article. As mentioned before the articles intention is neither to persuade nor propagandize. The article is a historically exposition. The author makes a statement, that the psychological traumas played a major role during World War One. The statement is not presented as openly and directly as if it was a clear argument. She emphasises, that the psychological traumas could happen to anybody, because every person has a “breaking point”. Furthermore it is difficult to define trauma and find a solution to the suffering. “During...
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