Essay: Sexual Harassment of Women in Belize

Topics: Bullying Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: January 26, 2011
“O land of the free…” are the first few words of our national anthem. Our national anthem proclaims us as being a country of freedom. This freedom however is sometimes taken too literal that citizens have chosen to express their freedom in a harmful manner. As a result of free will, sexual harassment has evolved from being a minor issue to epidemic. This increase is shown in figure 5, with the rate of six to eight being chosen by 9 participants. To get a better understanding if the participants knew what sexual harassment was or had a meaning that was different from that I had in mind they were asked what they considered sexual harassment. From the twenty surveyed, eleven believed that sexual harassment was the unwanted touching of a person by another person. Six persons thought it was the unwanted touching, unwanted sexual contact and the passing of remarks by admirers. Remarks ranging from “psssst” to “sexy gyal” are thrown at women like a dart being thrown at a target. Whether wanted or not that’s the price females must pay. Sexual harassment of women is not something you hear often. It is like filth that is despised and swept away without even a hesitation. This silence that is accepted as the norm is a cycle that must be broken. Offenders should be severely punished and not considered as humane for depriving women of their self-worth.

This proposal was not intended to negate or cast prejudice against men. Therefore to ensure that their voices were heard males were also partakers of the survey. With an 85% agreement that females were more vulnerable to sexual harassment, it justified that my thoughts were similar to that of those surveyed. The data collected was placed in figure 6 as a means of evidentiary support. With the majority of participants approving my unbiased proposal it was only then right that light should be shun unto the matter. The only way for the filth to be seen as what it really was, was for me to know the answers to questions that...
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