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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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The main Character in the story is a woman in her late forties called Marjorie. Everything takes place at Marjorie’s apartment, which is placed on the nineteenth floor. The story is told by a third person story-teller, who follows, sees and feels everything through Marjorie’s perspective of the situation. In the beginning of the story the reader very quickly gets the idea that Marjorie is not normal, and maybe suffer from a mental diseases, which the reader later gets confirmed: “She suffered from a condition that does not show. It is all in her head.” – Page 82, lines 14-16. Marjorie suffers from agoraphobia, which means that she has a fear of open spaces and public places. which is also the reason why she has isolated herself and therefore never leaves the flat. The only person who Marjorie does not fear is Ron from Fish’n Feathers and the supplier of all her stock and equipment. Her illness agoraphobia is a disorder that can’t be proven medically, and the illness is due to her lack of social strength and it is hard for her to deal with other people and life in general. The reader could get the idea, that Marjorie’s mother might have something to do whit her mental disease, that maybe she had a bad influence on Marjorie’s childhood. “Marjorie’s mother would have scuffed. All in the mind, she’d have said. Marjorie’s mother had a fear of the mind”.

Marjorie has a passion in her life; the only joy is her fish. “They are peaceful behind their wall of glass... it soothes her to watch the bubbles streaming from the pumps, and to listen to the electric hum that keeps conditioning perfect for all the many species... it is the way they are so contained that soothes Marjorie.” She loves to watch them eat their fish food and she longs for the silent, safe and peaceful place in which they live in.

Even though Marjorie claims not to have a favourite among the fishes, it is clearly that that her biggest pride and joy is her newest fish, which...
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