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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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The essay “School” is about how Japanese school systems are hard and it made us come up with the conclusion that we wanted our perfect school to be in Japan. The reason why we want our school to be located in Japan is because japan has high standards for their students. It has also been shown in studies that having high standards for students help them become more successful in life and have higher standards in life. Research has shown that the better the education the better you do in life. OECD has done research and says, “Adults with higher levels of educational attainment are generally more likely than those with lower levels of attainment to express more satisfaction with life, be more engaged in civic activities, and report better health. In OECD countries, only 57.9% of adults who have not attained an upper secondary education report satisfaction in life, while this proportion rises to 75.5% among adults with a tertiary education. Similarly, electoral participation rises from 74.0% to 87.2% as the level of education increases, and volunteering rises from 10.8% to 20.0%.” (OECD, Note on Japan). This quote basically says the better the school is the higher the chance for the students to have satisfaction after their done with school. Which supports our reasons to have a school in Japan because the Japanese government sets standards for schools to meet and in japan you only get one chance to fail or succeed.
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