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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Do I deserve ?!

The idea of obtain a scholarship, provoked me to think hard why  I deserve this scholarship more than the others. However after careful analysis, I believe I really deserve it. Let me briefly summarize who I am and why I deserve this scholarship and then follow it with my argument. 

My name is Jose Pereira.I migrated from Brazil to the United States of America in March, 2007. Although I found myself in a new complex world, with a challenging language I had to learn from basic, I believe I can face the challenge of achieving my career with my other spoken languages, portuguese and spanish. As well, I am a student who excels in my education. Because I have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.45, I am a member of the New York Public Library, I won the third place in the Brazilian Math Olympiad(State level) and also the tenth place in the Astronomy Olympiad(national level), during my high school. 

The reason why I moved to USA is because my father's company in Brazil bankrupt, and we lost everything we had. My mother decided to move to maintain me and my brother in a good school in my country but at the begginning was really hard, she did not know anyone in this USA and in the first year she had an income of $200 dollars a month. She did not have a place to sleep and thanks God, some people helped her offering a place to sleep. Today she has a better salary, and I also work(sometimes) but the money is not enough. This scholarship is very important to me, I want to make my mother pround of me, and make her see that everything she had suffer to give me a better education was not in vain. Whether I win this scholarship or not, I will keep studying, doing my best, to acquire the most of knowlodge I can, and also give her the life she deserves.

There are many good reasons to argue why I deserve this scholarship. I am a hard working and motivated individual with clear goals. I will make the best use of this scholarship to succeed ...
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