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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Book Review Format 8th Grade Following the outline below, write a five-paragraph book review. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and supporting sentences.

Your name and the date should be on the right hand side of the page. The title of the book, properly capitalized must be centered at the top of the page. The review should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point Arial Font. Paragraph One:

Begin with an opening sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. Include from what Point of View is the novel written? (1st person narrator [from whose eyes and mind], 3rd person omniscient, or 3rd person limited?) Explain why this point of view is effective for this novel. (At least three sentences) Paragraph Two:

List two characters and explain their importance or significance to the novel as a whole. (At least three detailed sentences for each character are needed. Mention character traits!) Paragraph Three:

Main conflict or challenge in the novel for the protagonist (main character): (Three – Four sentences) and the climax of the novel (the main turning point): (Three to Four sentences) Include how the main conflict or challenge is resolved by the end of the novel: (Three sentences) Paragraph Four:

State two main themes of the novel, and explain why they are themes of the story, using specifics of the story to justify your point (at least 3-4 sentences needed):

Paragraph Five:
In 8-10 sentences, explain why you would or would not recommend this book to others. Be analytical and specific – Do not say: “because this book was exciting” or “because it was a good book”...) Mention how this book relates to your has it inspired you...with what character do you most identify...strengths and weaknesses of the novel...etc. Use PROOF from the novel to back up your assertions. Included within the review:

Choose two quotes from the novel, write them down, AND the page number, and explain why you chose them....
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