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Topics: Learning, Richard Branson, Timbaland Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Sonia Mane
Roll no -12354 I Can Do it. We all Can! Bibliography: Branson,Richard., Screw it, Let’s Do it - Lessons in Life, <> As I started reading the book, there were several occasions when I wanted to cross check the credibility of Mr Branson’s description of events in his life .I did google out for details, just like an HR of a company who would do a background check for the company’s new hire. This task convinced me enough that this was not fiction and Mr Branson is indeed a person who has led an exciting and adventurous life, added many feathers in his cap and started a gamut of businesses. His philosophy is clear and very simple, ”Have faith in yourself. Believe that anything can be done. Live life to the full. Never give up.” I shall slice the events and sandwich the inspirational learning’s from Mr Branson’s life now. Of the various success fundas that he talks about, the most basic ones that he sticks to are; belief in himself, doing things wholeheartedly in the best possible way, accepting challenges ,challenging personal weaknesses, setting goals, having practical dreams, building on them and finally achieving them. I strongly agree with this and have started to imbibe as many as possible from them. This is helping me develop a very positive outlook in life and gives a burst of confidence to challenge situations. Mr Branson is fondly known as “Dr Yes” by his staff at Virgin, because he never says No. He finds many reasons do things, than not to do them. His motto is Screw it lets do it. This kind of attitude helps him handle various situations and he is always prepared to face the unknown. If he doesn’t know anything he learns it and never makes it as an excuse. Neither...
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