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Topics: Introduction, Paragraph, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Genetics is a very complex topic. Not knowing where we come from can bring up many problems. Why we get so upset when a child is not like us? Is difficult to think that the child we are breeding doesn’t have the same blood in his or her veins when is so different from us however we need to think that there are there inherited genes that are present after three generations, so we have to investigate about our family tree and the family tree of our couple not only judge by judge and blame others without knowing that these genes probably not so familiar are part of our family. In Mexico that happens often because it gives much machismo, and cannot accept that one or our family is the one that has to see that the child is different and does not look much to ourselves, but why this occur? Is the lack of trust but that is a topic that I will not touch to stay on topic.

Now speaking of hereditary genes which is a slightly complicated issue as it is a scientific issue and not as simple to understand but we must first understand or know what genes are inherited, Genetics (from Ancient Greek γενετικός genetikos, "genitive" and that from γένεσις genesis, "origin"), a discipline of biology, is the science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms Now that you know what genetic means will be easier to talk about genetics is telling us that we are and have physical features but often our physical traits do not resemble that of our brothers or any of our parents but that's because genes can jump and demonstrate to a third generation and that is why sometimes we become more like our grandparents or even our great-grandparents that's why we have to get to know all our family and where we are not to descend after blaming and cursing until our partner because in many cases resemble the grandparents of self and being unfamiliar with our whole family and ethnic races know that our family is formed until you get to say that there was infidelity on the part of the...
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