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Topics: Short story, Interpersonal relationship, Fiction Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Part B – Essay to ”Pool”

We have all tried to be in, or have been, in a relationship that we knows that it isn´t going to last forever. Those relationships is certainly not supposed to be keeping to death, are those ones that come apart, and then there are those that are more simple.

In this story our main character, Darla, is finding herself in same relationship with her boyfriend, Jon. While her boyfriend, Jon is to the pool party with his best friend and the friend's wife, Trevor and Mandy, she reflects her circumstances that are around her relationship with Jon. These circumstances and its value are reinforced when she is alone with Jon's best friend, Trevor, where she finds out that she is sexually interested in him. In this way, we follow two relationship and the problems that they have.

The story puts all of resolution, which are very characteristic of a short story, because Darla are to a pool party, in a middle class neighborhood where she waits for the bathroom alone completely unhappy. The night before was the condom as Jon spent in pieces, and she was forced to take a pill, as she was afraid of was not effective, even though she knows that it is over 99% accurate. The relaxed atmosphere has been replaced with a social and stressful tension between the two, Darla and Jon.

In this way we know that she are unhappy when we have an implicit third person says that is limited to only have access to Darla’s considerations and thoughts.

"A little later," she said, knowing that she wouldn´t, that she hated others seeing her in her swimsuit "(lines 61-61, page. 9)

Darla are the main character in the short story, she are a woman who are described in around late twenties when she are a little older than Trevor and Mandy, who lives in a neighborhood filled with freshly baked marriage, which are in their twenties. But we know that her boyfriend Jon, are served, with not such a big bet.

Darla has been described by her actions and relationship...
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