Essay Plan - Is the Internet Making Us Less Intelligent?

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Is the Internet making us less intelligent?

Essay Plan
In my essay I wish to argue that the Internet is not making us less intelligent, but that it has provided a whole new dimension to the way we interact, communicate, think, create, share and exist.

The accessibility of the Internet provides a magnitude of knowledge and information in real time that could have never have been accessed before. Due to this, we have as a society become hungrier for information. Thanks to the sheer volume of data that is readily available on the Internet, people now have the ability to absorb numerous sources thereby creating better analytical and critical thinkers.

The Internet has provided users with more volume and depth to the way they research and are exposed to information. It provides a rather three-dimensional way of processing information in comparison to linear text. Multitasking is enhanced and utilised to gain a broader spectrum of information. Studies have shown that searching for something online provides greater, healthier brain processing than searching through conventional books and libraries.

The Internet and computers have also been instrumental in improving education. Students have been provided with a very user-friendly medium in which to enhance their time management and academic capabilities. The gap between students and educators has been bridged due to after hours accessibility and other online communication tools.

The Internet is a new form of communication media, it like many other innovative communication sources has attracted unfair criticism from skeptics. Online social networking is so much a part of life that traditional face to face networking is almost a thing of the past. Evolving with the medium that is the Internet will be the norm. It has not been physically proven that online social networking is detrimental to...
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