Essay Plan

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Performance Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Essay Plan
* Job Specialisation is when an employee job composed of a small part of a larger task or focusing at the specific area that they are expertise in (Williams & McWilliams 2010). * Job Design is a number of a variety task that an employee needs to perform during work. (Williams & McWilliams 2010) * Job Characteristics Model is used to describe on how job specialization may effect the job satisfaction in order to eliminate employee’s boredom during performing their task given. * Purpose : To point out the importance of Job Characteristics that might have direct effect on Job Satisfaction as an approach to Job Design. Furthermore, this study will show how importance to modified job specialization to increase the employee’s performance. Body

Paragraph 1
* To proposes that advantages and disadvantages of job specialisation. * Why does companies used job specialization as their job design and what is the impact on the companies’. Paragraph 2

* By using the Job Characteristics Model, how does this specialised job given to the worker’s affect their job satisfaction? * Example : A specialised job as a lecturer, what implications that a company needs to offer in order for the lecturer to motivate to gain a quality students and avoid boredom during working hours. Paragraph 3

* How does job specialisation modifies that was offered to the workers can have a positive impact on the company’s performance and high job satisfaction * Example : freedom of the lectures to conduct the class in their own style. Conclusion

Job specialisation is an important element to a company’s job design and it may have a positive and negative impact on an employee’s performance and this can overcome by how does the companies use Job characteristics model by modified the job specialisations to increase the worker’s job satisfaction.

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