Essay- Peter Skrzynecki's Poetry in Association with Belonging

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Exploring the concept and significance of belonging throughout the poetry of Peter Skrzynecki, specifically that of his poems “Feliks Skrzynecki” and “Post card” and through my related text “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beetles, my own understanding of both myself and my world has been magnified well beyond the simplistic understanding with which I first started.

Skrzynecki’s poem “Feliks Skrzynecki” explores the concept of belonging by highlighting how a person can choose to belong to a community or live beside it without actually becoming a part of it. The opposite is also shown in this poem in the way it highlights how a community can choose to not belong to a person and therefore exclude the person from the community itself. Belonging, in every case, is a choice. One of two parties will always consciously or unconsciously choose whether or not it/he/she belongs or does not belong. Within this poem Skrzynecki (Peter Skrzynecki) chooses to belong to Australia rather than to belong to that of his Polish heritage which is the choice of his father. “Watched me pegging my tents further and further south of Hadrian’s Wall” This metaphor explains how Feliks, over the course of Skrzynecki’s life, watches him as he grows up as an Australian boy, moving further and further away from the Polish heritage that Skrzynecki has never known, but with which Feliks is so tightly associated. Feliks, like is son, finds that he can only truly belong to either Poland or Australia, but unlike his son, Feliks finds that it is Poland where he finds the acceptance and familiarity that allows him to belong. The garden “loved like an only child”. This a symbol used to represent Poland, Feliks home. The infinite love and care with which he tends to his garden (Poland) underlines his choice not to belong Australia, but rather, find solace in his own world where the memories and feelings of belonging in Poland can prosper and exist. Whilst Feliks did choose not to...
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