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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Chris Hughes
Mrs. Wieand
English 9

Persuasive Essay

Cell phones can be used for many things. They can be used for calculators, they can shoot quick e-mails, make videos and call and text people. Phones in school can be used to organize events in school, used for calculators and many other things. Cell phones in schools could be a help because parents can get in touch, they can get help (911) and can be used whenever they are available to be used and when they shouldn’t be used.

One reason cell phones should be allowed in school is because parents can get in touch if they need to with their children. With cell phones parents can be on touch with your children, and know their whereabouts (Cohen). All the parents have to do is call or text their children so they can make sure they are ok and so they can find out where their children are. Also with cell phones they can easily reach your kids for any reason: to ask them questions, change plans, or to simply say hello (Cohen). Parents will then easily get in touch with their children instead of having to call schools, neighbors and friends to ask them questions of to change plans, ect. In the meantime you are wasting a lot of time.

Cell phones in schools will be able to be used if an emergency happens. Cell phones can be used if needed to reach their parents in event of emergency, vice versa (Cohen). If cell phones were’t allowed kids would have to use somebody’s else’s phones phone and it wouldn’t be as instantaneously as being able to use your own phone. Also cell phones in school can be used to reach the authorities or medical provider if in danger (Cohen). If they didn’t have cell phones it may take longer to get the help needed and the kids may be in even bigger danger. With cell phones the authorities can get there quicker.

Lastly cell phones can be used during the appropriate times when needed. Phones can silenced during class or study periods, and active only in appropriate...