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Topics: Education, Electronics, Spelling Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Cell phones, I Pods and I pads are just a few of the items banned during the school day in every school. There is no consideration for the student longing to put a headphone in his/her ear to drone out the surrounding chatter while completing an assignment. Nor is there an opportunity for the student to call/text their parents letting them know about their football practice cancellation, even though it may be during passing period or lunch. No matter what the circumstance, these items aren’t allowed. Electronics should be allowed in school because they are beneficial for the development of communication and it would deter students from sneaking banned things into class, disrupting their class time and turning honest students into false-hearted delinquents.

Some claim I Pods and cell phones are major distractions to a student’s learning; however, they haven’t revealed the true issue is the act of sneaking the electronics into school. No matter what kids are going to use there electronic devices in school so school might as well allow it. If students had the freedom to bring their electronics as they wished, they would no longer have the urge to defy the rules.

21st century advances, schools incorporate electronics into their curriculum. However, when students misuse privileges to utilize electronics in the classroom, problems can arise. Pros and cons include electronics aiding students in the work and creating in-class distractions. Non-electronic resources still provide information. When students use electronics too often, a dependency may form. Instead of manually checking a paper for mistakes, students who use spell check instead might develop grammar and spelling weaknesses.

Computers, which serves as a valuable resource for students, provide access for additional information. The Internet helps students with research and assignments but schools most schools receive discounts on electronic products from retailers. In addition, products purchased for...
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