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Topics: Meal, Family, Green bean casserole Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: November 27, 2012
“Being Country” by Bobbie Ann Mason
It’s kind of crazy how stories you read can bring so many mental pictures in your mind of things you can relate to it. In Bobbie Ann Mason’s story, “Being Country”, I related very well to the country style of living. I, myself, lived in a very small country town in Texas, and know people just like the “country people” noted in Mason’s story.

The subject I visualized a lot throughout reading this was the food. There is nothing better in the whole world than good ole’ southern cooking. Back home in Texas I had a buddy that was a “country boy”, and anytime I went over to the Tapley’s house for dinner; I knew I was in for a treat. I can remember one night his mom came out with humungous steaks that they had just received from their last cattle. The juices all over the plate, the large ears of corn, the twice baked potatoes, and fresh green bean casserole had my saliva going bonkers in my mouth. I can still visualize the way the table was set with the decorative valentines table cloth and the silver utensils. When I was reading about all of the different foods the mother making, it triggered my mind to go back and remember Mrs. Tapley in the kitchen slaving over all of the dishes.

When dinner time came we all huddled around the table where Mr. Tapley said grace. I’m pretty sure it went a little like, “We thank god for the blessing to be able to grow our own food and for the prosperous seasons he has brought us and for the future. In God’s name, Amen.” After that amen, we feasted. Myself and the Tapley’s filled our faces until our stomachs said no more. During this obliteration of food I don’t recall us ever saying a word, just like in Mason’s essay it is a given that at the dinner table it is strictly about enjoying the meal that has been placed in front of you. No talking is necessary but there are the occasional jokes popped off usually by the head of the table.

The imagery that has been placed in my head by Mason’s...
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