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Below is a sample OUTLINE for an essay about lowering the driver’s license age. Notice how the outline doesn’t write out the whole essay. The purpose of the outline is to ORGANIZE the IDEAS before writing a rough draft. If you follow your outline when you write the draft, you can be fairly confident that your ideas are in a logical order, making your essay easier to read.

I. Introduction A. Attention-Getter (Note: Don’t get stuck here! If you can’t think of an attentiongetter right away, move on to the next part of the outline and come back to it.) Imagine a world where…(paint a picture of new law with all the benefits…) B. Background Info: history behind licenses… C. (thesis statement) The age at which a person may receive a driver’s license in Alaska should be lowered to fifteen years old. II. Supporting Point One A. Supporting Point One 1year practice enough B. Evidence for Supporting Point One 1.) 90% of test-takers pass on first try 2.) 3.) Pete Franklin quote about preparation average driver’s ed class is 6 weeks

C. Conclusion for Supporting Point One (restate point and transition into next point) A year of practice is enough and high schoolers need cars! III. Supporting Point Two A. Supporting Point Two High schoolers need to commute

B. Evidence for Supporting Point Two 1.) 60% of JDHS students have after-school activities to go to 2.) 3.) quote from a student (Sandy) commute without the bus to classes

C. Conclusion for Supporting Point Two (restate point and transition into next point) Need to commute and are responsible

IV. Supporting Point Three A. Supporting Point Three they are responsible

B. Evidence for Supporting Point Three 1.) expectations in class to be responsible and independent so… 2.) 3.) can have a job at 15 85% of parents polled think they’re responsible

C. Conclusion for Supporting Point Three (restate point) responsible teens need licenses V. Concluding Paragraph (In this paragraph you will...
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