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Topics: High school, Middle school, Writing Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: March 10, 2013
I have learned a lot in my lifetime about reading and writing and without it today it would be almost impossible to get very far in life. I have become the writer I am today by mostly paying attention in school and learning at home how to read and write correctly without many mistakes. When you were at home as a child most children would have a bedtime story read to them at night or they would learn how to read the stories themselves. Most children when they are young learn to write as well to when they are learning how to write their ABCs or even learning how to spell out their names or plenty of other words. As a child you loved to be read to before you would go to bed. Some children had this opportunity and some did not. Most of the time children were read to by their parents or in some cases if parents were not home they were read to by babysitters or other relatives that were at home. This also occurs in the same situation with writing. When a child is at home he is taught by parents or even by some tutors. This also could occur in the school when children are being taught their ABCs and other spelling materials throughout elementary school. Throughout my life there are many great books to read and that I got the opportunity to read throughout my lifetime. One of my favorite books as a child in elementary school had to be “Charlotte’s Web” due to the fact that my favorite animal as a child was a pig. There were lots of other books I had read in middle school, but my favorite book in middle school was “Holes”. I loved this book so much because I thought it was one of the most interesting books I had read. I also loved the book because it had a great movie to go with it which became one of my favorite movies in middle school. I never read a lot of books in high school except the books I had to read in english class. The only book I had read on my own was the “Hunger Games”. I read this book mostly because I wanted to see how greatly the book and the movie...
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