Essay on Why People Should Speak Up About Mental Illness

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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It is very important for people with a mental illness to speak openly about it and share it with others, because if they keep it to themselves they won’t get an adequate amount of treatment or help. Also if they share their issues with other people it could help dispel the bad stigma that is associated with mental health problems. To help people provide support to a person with a mental illness and make them feel un-judged, you should educate yourself and also be supportive and positive with them. People suffering from mental illness are usually to ashamed or afraid to reach out for help, which blocks them from adequate help. If they are not getting the proper amount of help their illness could go untreated and lead to bigger problems. For example suicidal thoughts could lead to a suicide or an attempted suicide. Also studies show that the earlier a problem is treated the better it is for long term recovery. Therefore a person with a mental illness should under no conditions keep anything to themselves. People also have a very negative stigma associated with mental illness, which is also why sometimes people are ashamed of asking for help with their mental problems. The best way to dispel this stigma is if more people come out and share their problems. This will help educate people more about mental illness and how to deal with it, and it will also bring more light to a mental patients suffering. If people educate themselves on the certain disorder and/or problems a person with mental health issues has they could be more aware and supportive. If they know the symptoms of a problem and have a little bit of knowledge of what to do or how to react ,they could be more supportive of the person suffering because they will know what to do or how to react when the illness strikes. If people are more aware and educated about mental disease it will help dispel the bad stigma around it and they will be less judgemental. To be supportive and helpful towards a person with...
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