Essay on Treating of Boys and Girls

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: November 10, 2010

Can we make boys and girls the same ?
According to many powerful professors like Lawrence Summers in the society , it is said that natural science education is not really responsible for gender differences because this can be conquered by single-sex where boys and girls learn together and observations on differences between sex and success declare that biological differences between sexes can be overcome , so this suggests that girls can perform equally perfect as boys academically thus boys and girls can be the same . Rather what makes boys and girls different are cultural differences pounded in the society , the cultural attitudes from generation to generation have always had feminism in them though social philosophers are alert in communicating cultural messages through religion and custom while others are emphasizing on the influence of these social cultural composition so that boys and girls can be alike , the women are fighting for their true justice to overcome gender inequality and to establish a hermaphrodite society . Also most education is equipping women to change the world to be free from oppressing women and to make women realize their purposes of being feminists . The problem is the cultural efforts to eliminate feminist are really truly harsh and sometimes impossible to change (Bartky1990 . Nancy a powerful female socialist gives a great idea on gender saying that the differences in sexes come from a reputation that women are the caretakers of the offspring where they are basically to raise children giving a view that this activity is permanently associated with women , even as they bring up their children , mothers are more connected with their daughters , this evolves in as circle of mutual dependence and compassion that is the spirit of femininity . Even television advertisements turn small ladies into caring women , who themselves want to be mothers it is the emotional closeness of mothers and daughters...
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