Essay on Topic, "Someday."

Topics: Writing, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: December 18, 2012

She sat at the wooden desk, her head bent and eyes narrowed in concentration. She held a pencil in her hand as she stared at the blank piece of paper in front of her, as if challenging her to write on it. Ignoring all the shuffling, shouting, talking, and all the other kinds of distractions which came in the form of noises, she clutched her pencil hard, thinking. A strand of her black hair fell in front of her eyes and she put it behind her ear, treating it like it was some obstacle or a blockage. She closed her eyes, thinking hard. An idea was coming up but it needed a few moments of more thinking. That did not happen as her thoughts were rather rudely broken by the shrill sound of the bell ringing, indicating that it was time for recess. As soon as the bell rang, the teacher stood up, and the girls did the same. A chorus of a dull “Good afternoon and thank you Ma’am”, ran through the class as the teacher walked out. It had been a free class, the History teacher happened to be absent so a junior teacher had come, just for substitution, telling everyone to do their work, but not talk. Instantly, as the teacher exited, the atmosphere of the small room changed to a great extent. Children started running out of the class, lunch boxes in hand. Some thought it better to just ditch the food, and play. Some, with their food, just walked to their friend’s seats, and sat together in a group, sharing food as well as gossip. Sometimes, two girls, behaving a lot like two love birds, would sit together, softly talking and eating. And there were those unpopular girls who had to tolerate sitting and eating alone, every single day. She still sat at her desk, not moving from her position. A girl called Sarah Higgins walked up to her, sitting at the edge of her desk. Sarah’s eyes were sharp, and looked almost painted. Her eyes looked at the piece of paper. Only seven words were on the top of the page, underlined. “SOMEDAY”

Sarah chuckled, “Trying to write,...
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