Essay on the Villains in the Count of Monte Cristo

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Suicide, Infant Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: March 11, 2013
In the novel "The Count Of Monte Cristo," written by Alexandre Dumas, a young man named Dantes is betrayed by three of his supposed friends. He is sent to the Chateau D'If, a wretched prison that he is eventually able to escape from. After he quickly becomes "Count of Monte Cristo," he seeks revenge on those who stole his fiancé and sent him to prison. He does this by plotting and exacting a fitting demise for each one. In fact, each punishment is related to the individual,in that they all represent weaknesses that the members of society succumb to. Danglars, who symbolizes monetary greed, is made to live the rest of his life out in impoverishment. Meanwhile, Villefort, who has no respect for others' lives, has to watch his own wife turn on him and kill the members of his family.Finally, Mondego is dishonored because he represents the treachery behind most places of power.

Not only is Fernand Mondego Dante's rival for mercedes's affections, but he helps frame Dantes for treason. Even worse, he marries Mercedes while Dantes is imprisoned, and through acts of treachery, becomes a wealthy and powerful man, taking on the name of the Count de Morcerf. He is the first victim of Dante’s vengeance, which is to make public all of the very dishonorable things Mondego did to attain his place of honor. While clawing his way to the top he had ruthlessly abused many people, which makes his honorable position not very honorable at all. In fact, Mondego had sold into slavery a young girl named Haydee, who just so happened to be the daughter of Ali Pasha, Morcerf's benefactor in Greece. This reveals Morcerf's obvious deception, lack of compassion, and ability to double cross his own friend to get ahead; all of which are very dishonorable things. It turns out that Monte Cristo purchased Haydee as a tool to strike down the Count de Morcerf: she knows of the treachery behind the dealings of Morcerf and her father, information that allows Haydee to testify against Morcerf in a...
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