Essay on the Value of Life

Topics: Life, Death, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Value of Life

The value of life is a heavy and controversial thought in many ways it is necessary to put a price on death but in others it seems un-just or not right to the grieving family and friends who has just lost someone. There cannot be a price on life that is at all fair to the lost ones family but the government feels that they can give one. If there must be a dollar amount on life how do you determine what it is there are many facts and opinions on how to figure that out as well, but does any dollar amount bring back the lost man or woman; of course not.

People say that a person’s after life amount should be looked at in an equal way to the amount of money they earned whilst still living. There family should receive enough money so that they can continue living as if there loss was still there. But if that was fair, a homeless person or someone who hasn’t made a good amount of money over life time should be worth less than an average person or a person with a higher life standard. Every human should be equal to no matter the amount of money that you have collected.

A stronger belief is that every persons loved ones should be given a certain amount of money such as $500,000. More people believe that that is the most fair and just option. But of course we want the best for our loved ones and $500,000 does not cover those expenses. But if any amount above that were given people would try to take advantage of it. Faking deaths and murdering family members just for the amount of money that is given.
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