Essay on the Qualities of a Successful Person

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Making a statement about success needs to show how to become successful. It should outline the basic needs for organisation and expectations. Include the definition, and all ways to interpret it. Success is a favourable outcome. It changes the way that you feel, are you happy, are you stressed out, are you helping others learn how to be better, or are you getting better. Measuring a feeling can be difficult. The difficulty comes from your perspective, how am i successful, does anyone else see that I am successful, am I only successful for myeslf? In order to be truely successful a clean concious and motivation should be the fuel to your fire.

What makes a person successful? Is it the way they look? Is it the words they say? Or, is it the qualities they display? All of the successful people in the world would not have gotten where they are today without their qualities. Whether its their determination, athletic ability, or their intelligence. Determination is having fixed limits. Actors and actresses all have determination. While they are filming they want the film to be great so they are determined to make it great. Nicole Kidman is one of the many actresses that has that quality and shows it to the world. Her movie, Australia, was great because she was determined.

All of the athletes today would not be where they are today if it wasn't for their athletic ability. They are blessed with a healthy body to do what they do almost everyday. So they can put that talent that God gave them to good use. Peyton Manning has that talent and puts it to very good use. If he hadn't had that talent he wouldn't have been able to take his team to the Super Bowl and win.

Intelligence is how you have applied what you learned to everyday life. There are many intelligent people out there today. If they did not apply what they learned then they would not be as successful as they are today. Benjamin Franklin was a great inventor. He is very smart and intelligent because he...
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