Essay on the God of War Ares

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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There is not much written about Ares', the God of War, early life. Ares had black hair. He had green eyes. Also, he was six feet, eight inches tall. He had skills in strategy. Also he had a very important skill, military etiquette. On the outside, Ares was fierce and warlike but on the inside he was truly a coward. Before he was the god of war, he was the god of agriculture, which was why he was so fond of plants and the growing season (Roback 74).

Stories of Love

Kathleen Daly wrote that Ares was interested in the goddess Aphrodite. Even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaistos. Ares and Aphrodite were dallying together when their relationship was rudely interrupted. The god of the sun, Helios, spied the pair in enjoying each other one day. Helios promptly reported the incident to Hephaistos, who was understandably angry. Hephaistos contrived to catch the couple "in the act", and so he fashioned a net to catch the illicit lovers. At the appropriate time, the net was sprung, and trapped Ares and Aphrodite. Hephaistos was not yet satisfied with his revenge, for he invited the Olympian gods and goddesses to view the unfortunate pair. For the sake of humility, the goddesses protested, but the male gods went and witnessed the sight. Some commented on the beauty of Aphrodite, while others remarked that they would eagerly trade places with Ares (47-48).

Stories of War

His sister, Eris, Goddess of Discord, and Hades, Lord of the Dead sometimes accompanied ares into battle. Disliked by most Olympians but loved by Aphrodite, Ares was a god of action and determination. When he was fighting on the side of the Trojans he was wounded by Pallas Athene. She donned the helm of death. After deflecting Ares' symbol, the spear, she hurled a bolder, knocking Ares senseless. Ares had to be assisted from the field of battle by Aphrodite. When Ares retreated to Mount Olympus his father, Zeus, said, "To me you are most hateful of all gods who hold Olympus"(The Iliad...
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