Essay on the Exodus of Israel

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The Exodus Narratives:
God's Love Story with Israel

"The Exodus is such a significant event in Israel's history that it serves as more than just an account of the wandering in the desert. It is a paradigm of how God deals with His people,
signifying the formation of relationship."

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Old Testament Theology
Level of Study: Course 001 I. Introduction
The Bible Stories in the market today are profit driven. These are days where there is an abundance of teaching about the ways of God but a shortage in the understanding of the mind of God. The events of the Exodus reveal that God is mindful of man. Unfortunately, the Exodus of the nation of Israel is probably one of the most abused bible stories of modern times. Instead of the central intention of the Divine Author, the stories are presented with moral lessons that focus on earthly success rather than on God, the source of true success. This essay highlights the significance of the Exodus as seen through the eyes of the Creator, thereby, giving us an understanding of the mind of God. Through His chosen people, God uncovers a paradigm of how He deals with His people, signifying the formation of an extraordinary relationship. We will explain this by defining the elements that make up the paradigm and its significance.

II. The Exodus is a heavenly paradigm
The Exodus is a significant event because it lays the foundation of the redeeming work of the Messiah, the Savior of Israel. This is very important because the 'Redemption' as the running theme of the books of the Bible stands out as its central message. (Exodus 12; Numbers 18:16; Exodus 13:16; 43:20, John 3:16) The events leading to the Messiah teaches eternal laws & principles that were first established in the Exodus narratives. The Exodus events carry an incredible message of a personal God who desires to be intimate with His people. This message of God must be understood in light of the whole Bible. The Exodus becomes significant as the theme of the whole of the Old Testament is brought into light. John Drane defines it well. "...the way these books were combined to form the final edition of the Hebrew Bible was intended to present a coherent message that would sum up and take forward the stories told by the individual writers." [1]

The Exodus paradigm is a distinct relationship pattern about an omnipotent and loving God who makes Himself known to His creatures. (Exodus 20:2) Purposively, God teaches this heavenly paradigm to His chosen people, the Israelites.

III. God Speaks through a heavenly paradigm.
God opens up His heart and His mind through a heavenly paradigm. A paradigm made up of His love, His calling, His redemptive plans and His Covenant.

A. God's love
Love is the greatest expression of relationship between two beings. Knowing the mind of God through His plans reveal His divine attributes. God's love relationship with Israel was manifested when He delivered Israel out of Egypt with His mighty hand. John Drane remarks, "Hosea pictured God at this time as a loving parent (probably a mother, given the form of imagery) and Israel as God's child: (Hosea 11:1, 3-4)."[2] Unfortunately, other scholars think otherwise. A sad example is DJ A Clines' statement as follows. Even the problem of war today, which some adherents say can be attributed to the God of the OT. "It is a sad day for theism if the only language its adherents can find to express their sense of the divine is the language of oriental despotism, with its scornful deity who offers comfort to petty kings in...
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