Essay on "The Canary Prince"

Topics: Fairy tale, Hero, Writing Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Stephanie Kerce
ENC 1102
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19 May 2012
“The Truth Behind The Tale”

“The Canary Prince” is a fairy tale like most other fairy tales, you have the princess, the evil stepmother, the witches and the happy ever after, but however, it has a twist on it. One difference is the fact that the princess was the hero instead of the prince charming, which shows a definite change in heroism. Another difference you will find in this fairy tale is how the stepmother was the assertive one and that the king was the submissive one. In “The Canary Prince” the witches were not your typical evil witches, they were very nice and helpful to the princess and the prince. The type of differences that happen in “ The Canary Prince” start to make you wonder what the writer was thinking and what messages he was trying to send out while he was writing this tale.

In “The Canary Prince” the prince is on his deathbed and no one is able to save his life. The princess is the one who comes in dressed like a doctor and is able to give him what he needs in order to live, This shows heroism but it is usually done by the man in fairy tales not by woman. I would say the author was representing the changing of times that were happening during the writing of this story. This story was written during the time when woman became more liberal and were wanting to become more than just a housewife. By the other words showing the princess as the hero, it is showing that woman were starting to step up and take control more.

When this story starts out the stepmother was always talking bad about the princess to the king and convinced him to send his daughter away and he never stands up to the stepmother. This is a difference in fairy tales because the men are usually known as the ones in charge and are considered the assertive ones. I would have to say after doing research on the author he was representing his own life while writing this change in the story. When you read about the...
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