Essay on Teacher-Child Relationship

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Essay on teacher-child relationship
I chose pure mathematics and apply mathematics as my high school main subjects. However, I mathematics result was bad in primary school, until I met a fantastic mathematics teacher, he used lots of extra times teaching me different thinking methods to solve the same questions and helping me to find the interest of mathematics. It is important that teacher-child relationship would affect children’s learning. In this essay, I will first discuss about different kind of teacher-child relationships and how those relationships influence children’s development. After that I would like to think about what kind of relationship with children I wanted and the issues of building relationship with parents.

Teacher-child relationship is a concept, the whole curriculum basis on it. “I always keep in mind that I am teaching someone’s baby – someone who means the world to those parents” (Fumoto, 2011, p.20). As a teacher, we need to remember that children are extremely meaningful for parents; we have responsibilities to do our best. Not only kindergartens, but also primary school, secondary school, even university, children need to face different teachers. Therefore, as the first school teacher for children, we could help their to build up a concept of teacher by using of the internal working models (IWM), according to Music (2011), though daily interactions, children would think about what relationships are likely to be like, and this would develop be a nonconscious model in their minds, which also an internal representation of themselves in relation to others. When children grow up and they would understand the concept of teacher-child relationship clearly.

“To consider teacher-child relationships from the perspective of ‘Human Encounter’ is to approach a teacher and child equally” (Fumoto, study guide, S7, p.4). This is a concept which means we need to see children as persons; it is the basis for children to learn how to respect others. Also it mentions sharing experience and understanding in teacher-child communication. For instance, in YCIS visiting, a child shared his travel experience in class, then teacher would lead the class to discuss where were other children travelled, and teacher also shared her own experiences to children. Fumoto(2011, p.21) explains that ‘human encounter’ is a two-way street of process, it conceptualizes human development in the life span. Therefore, when children grow up, they can feel comfort to ‘shared memories’ with their friends or family; they would understand others feeling and become peacefully to face issues. On the other hand, in the video I saw during the lesson, the experience ECE teacher Nancy walks with a stick. Children always help her to pick up things she need on the floor instead of she does by herself. We can know that children as respect their teacher and see her as a person too.

“Both ‘human encounter’ and ‘co-constructive relationships’ highlight the importance of listening to children’s thoughts and feelings, and appreciating how children experience the world, and what is being learnt.” (Fumoto, study guide, S7, p.6) Children usually have some interesting ideas, for example, can I living in the ocean? As adults, although we already know this idea is impossible, it is a chance to discuss with children and thinks about why. Though the communication with children, we show our listening and trusting to children, we lead children to discuss and encourage them to find the answers from different ways, such as surfing the internet, find some books in library and so on, which similar to project approach, children find some topics that they have interest, and do different researches are leaded by teachers for a period. According to Fumoto (2011, p.21), ‘scaffolding’ is related to co-constructive relationship to help children learning through their interactions with adults. When children grow up with this kind of relationship with teachers, can be...
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