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Topics: Suicide, Death, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: April 21, 2013
In the Aftermath of Teenage Suicide: A Qualitative Study of the Psycho social Consequences for the Surviving Family Members

Committing suicide in the teenage years can be perceived as the ultimate rejection of family, of significant others, and of society. This article examines the causes and effect of suicide in the youth of Sweden. In its study, topics such as the background of where signs of suicide are visible, methods of suicide, and results of suicide. The bereavement process after a suicide may differ qualitatively from other types of losses with prolonged reactions of grief and loneliness, greater feelings of shame, and perhaps most importantly, the prolonged search for the motive behind the suicide. This study examines the topic of teenage suicide through methodical and scientific evidence. In examining this article, the psychiatry of consequences of suicide and how an outsider’s perspective can be used to benefit and heal what was once a broken family and the people affected by the death. This study’s main purpose was to interview surviving members that had lost a teenager by suicide to increase the understanding of the circumstances that these families are living under and to generate hypotheses to be tested in future research. The study examines how the family will search for monitory signs and clues to make sense of the tragedy at hand. Studies of family reactions following teenage suicide are hampered by the psychological difficulties of approaching the families and recruiting an unbiased sample of survivors. Most interview studies involve samples that are either compromised by a high attrition rate, or based on survivors who organize and actively work through the crisis in support groups for suicide survivors. They derived their study from a larger research project on teenage unnatural deaths in which all teenage suicides were identified and the results were based on file material alone. They used another mixed method where professionals...
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