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Topics: Photosynthesis, Oxygen, DNA Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: October 5, 2014
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Photosynthesis Quiz

1.) Which process will result in a gain of energy in an ecosystem? (1) Photosynthesis in algae cells
(2) Digestion in hummingbirds
(3) ATP synthesis in fungi
(4) Respiration in maple tree cells

2.) Chlorophyll gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is produced only when plants are exposed to light, so plants kept in darkness have no chlorophyll and appear white. The best explanation for this is that (1) Chlorophyll is not needed by green plants at night

(2) Darkness mutates the chlorophyll genes, causing them to produce a white color (3) Light is required for chlorophyll genes to be expressed
(4) Genetic information in cells is not influenced by the outside environment

3.) In the cells of the human body, oxygen molecules are used directly in a process that (1) Releases energy
(2) Digests fats
(3) Synthesizes carbohydrate molecules
(4) Alters the genetic traits of the cell

4.) some sea slugs store chloroplasts obtained from algae they have ingested. The chloroplasts continue to carry out photosynthesis within the slugs. What advantage would this activity be to these sea slugs?

(1) The slugs with chloroplasts can synthesize some of their own food. (2) The slugs with chloroplasts no longer need to carry out respiration. (3) The chloroplasts provide the slugs with camouflage that protects them from UV radiation. (4) The chloroplasts contain enzymes that allow the slugs to digest starch.

5.) The energy released when sugar molecules are broken down is stored in (1) minerals
(2) ATP
(2) DNA
(4) wastes

6.) Plant cells can synthesize energy-rich organic molecules, and later break them down to extract that energy for performing life processes. These activities require direct interaction between the (1) chloroplasts and vacuoles

(2) cell walls and ribosomes
(3) chloroplasts and mitochondria
(4) ribosomes and mitochondria

7.) Plants are green because they contain the...
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