Essay on Stricter Laws on Illegal Drugs

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Stricter laws on Illegal Drugs
Stacey Melton
ENG 102
November 7th, 2010
Timothy Gleason

Stricter laws on Illegal Drugs

While illegal drug use affects families, the outcome can be changed with stricter laws. The war on drugs continues although law prohibits the use, manufacturing, and distribution of illegal drugs. The United States has approximately 30 illegal drug laws currently being enforced. The enforcement of these laws costs money and time, so without the proper funding, fighting this battle is next to impossible. “The effects of substance abuse can be felt on many levels: on the individual, on friends and family, and on society.” (“Drug addiction and Drug abuse,” 2008, para. 5). When a user becomes dependent on illegal drugs, it is called addiction. Each day millions of people face addiction whether they their self are addicted or someone in their family is. Addiction brings despair and devastation to families across the world and leaves ciaos in its wake. There are rehab facilities that offer their services to users who are ready to face their addiction and relinquish it. The success rate for rehabilitation in drug users is 40%. This means that 40% of users who attended rehab were successful in getting clean and staying clean. Addiction is not an easy thing to face but with rehab services and the support of family and friends it is possible to recover from drug abuse. Illegal drugs can be divided into four major categories. The categories are depressants, hallucinogens, stimulants, and narcotics. Depressants are used to relieve anxiety or make a person sleep when used properly. Most commonly used depressants today are Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan, in most cases they are used illegally. Hallucinogens alter a person’s consciousness, examples of hallucinogens are, PCP, LSD, Ecstasy, and Marijuana. Stimulants increase activity in the brain and give the user a heightened sense of awareness. Cocaine and Adderall are examples of stimulants but the most common used stimulant today is Methamphetamine. Narcotic drugs such as heroin, opium, morphine and hydrocodone are used for treating pain. Today the abuse of drugs has become a common every day occurrence whether it is the use of depressants, hallucinogens, stimulants, or narcotics. For those who use the drugs daily, they are looking to escape from their normal lives which in the end leads to a life threatening addiction. . Addiction, which is defined as, “Compulsive need for and use of a habit forming substance’ (Nguyen,2009) can be serious but curable. The strict laws that have been placed by our government have not been effective and the truth is we are still fighting a hard battle against drugs. Even with strict drug laws in place today the fact of the matter is that drug use has not declined. In the chart below it shows that methamphetamine, which is the most addictive drug has 15% drug use in the United States and hydrocodone follows with 21.7%. Marijuana the one drug with the strictest drug laws has 22% and the rest of the United States drug use is attributed to such drugs as cocaine or heroin. Some of the most common drugs used today are marijuana, hydrocodone and methamphetamine.|

Out of all the drugs out on the street there are three that stand out above the rest. These three illegal drugs are found on just about every street corner and are highly addictive. The three most common drugs used today are Marijuana, hydrocodone, and Methamphetamine, which cause a euphoria effect on its users. Euphoria is defined as “a state or mood of wellbeing, whether natural or induced” by the free (2010). When person experiences euphoria, whether induced or natural, they are leaving all of his or her cares and concerns behind and believing they have a sense of complete happiness. Marijuana is popular today because of the ingredient THC, which travels faster to the brain, leading users to an ultimate...
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