Essay on Stephanie Ericsson's " the Ways We Lie"

Topics: English-language films, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: October 21, 2010
After reading Stephanie Ericsson’s article titled “ The ways we lie” , I chose to write about delusion. In Ericsson’s article she said that delusion is closely related to other forms of lying such as dismissal , omission , and amnesia. It is a form of protecting yourself from facts that you don’t want to face. Instead of taking a good look at yourself and being totally honest with yourself , you allow logic to go out the window and make up excuses for your actions. You may truly believe what you are telling yourself . That makes delusion a cunning way to excuse your behavior and your actions. On a grander scale, some people may delude unpleasant or overwhelming facts ( such as “The Revelation” (or second coming) because to truly adknowledge it would cause stress and fear. There are many different kinds of delusion. After reading Stephanie Ericsson’s article titled “ The ways we lie” I chose to write about delusion because it plays a big part in my own life and I could relate to it more than any of the other choices. There is “personal” delusion , in which you choose to make your actions and behaviors seem acceptable to yourself or other people. To me this is the most common. The example of the alcoholic was a GREAT one and hit the nail on the head. Anyone else looking at an alcoholic can clearly see that the drinking is the cause of the problems. To the alcoholic himself, the problems caused are the REASON for his drinking. His mind truly believes this. Saying that delusion is a form of self-preservation is correct. There are so many horrible things happening in today’s world that to spend all of your time focusing on them would make it impossible to live a normal life. That is why delusion goes hand in hand with dismissal, which another tool that can be used to the same purpose.
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