Essay on South America

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) (p.794) -- hailed as a liberator in Latin America. Worked for the establishment of a large confederation that would provide Latin America with the political, military, and economic strength to resist encroachment by foreign powers. Pofirio Diaz (p.805) -- dictator who ruled Mexico (1876-1911). Diaz represented the interests of large landowners, wealthy merchants, and foreign investors. Under his rule, Mexico industrialized as railroads and telegraphs connected all of Mexico and the production of minerals surged. Benito Juarez (1806-1872), (p. 798) -- On the wave of the liberal reform movement which rose in response to the discontent with the Mexican American war, Juarez attempted to reshape Mexican society with La Reforma in which he called for "tierra y libertad," land and liberty, which would endow Mexicans with the means to make a living and enable them to participate in political affairs. Merriweather Lewis and William Clark (p.789) -- commissioned by the United States government to survey and map the newly acquired territory of the Louisiana Purchase. John A. Macdonald (p. 794) -- the first prime minister of Canada (1815-1891); moved to incorporate all of British North American into the Dominion. Negotiated the Purchase of the Northwest Territories from the Hudson Bay company in 1869 and persuaded Manitoba, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island to join the Dominion. Oversaw the construction of the transcontinental railroad completed in 1885. Convinced Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905 and Newfoundland in 1949 to join the Dominion. Louis Riel (1844-1885) (p. 810) -- emerged as the leader of the Metis and indigenous peoples in western Canada. Assumed the presidency of a provisional government in 1870 and negotiated the incorporation of the province of Manitoba in the Canadian Dominion. British North America Act (p. 794) -- 1867 joined Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick and recognized them as the Dominion of Canada....
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