Essay on Soledad

Topics: Religion, Society, Belief Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The Quintessential Opinion: An Essay on the Theme of Soledad
Heaven in the depths of hell. The poem Soledad written by Filipino writer Angela Manalang Gloria, exemplifies society’s general view on conservatism and on one’s own religion and beliefs. One may build up a reputation of favor and of moral excellence yet this foundation may be easily shattered when a violation of ethics and imperfections arises. As mankind tends to look for the fault in a person rather than seeing the finer side, one tends to judge another based on the universal idea of righteousness. Affected by one’s religious views, one is inclined to outcast what is objectively wrong and is open to ideas that are socially acceptable.

In this poem, it is immediately shown that there is an act of sacrilege, a violation of something regarded as sacred, unarguably done by one of the female gender. The people around her look down on her actions, evident in the line the neighbors cried. Cried being an expression of worry and fear implies that the girl had done something society or the neighbors find not honorable. Further into the poem, it is shown that this sacrilegious act is basically pre-marital sex. The neighbors had admired this girl for she was one so carved with pride. They could not believe that one who had been a model of chastity and of purity could right then and there, throw away her prominent reputation. As religion and people’s belief follows, engaging into sexual intercourse before marriage is prohibited. She had given up the image of perfection for the one she loves. Her graven days, or why she dared profane [t]he bread and wine of life for one insane [m]oment with him. The girl desecrates a notable religious symbol, the bread and wine, which represent Jesus. She is leaving behind the teachings of religion and lessons from a proper upbringing because she and the man’s sexual desires blind her. Although she is able to satisfy said desires, [h]er soul’s cathedral [is] burned and she is...
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