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Topics: Short story, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The entire the idea that is how the characters relate to the real world. How they relate to other real world situations and other people. Mask of red death, Open window, & the summer people they can all relate to other situations in the real world. They all connect to each other in different ways one ways is real world connections. Summer People connects to the real world by people overstaying their visit. Mask of the red death connects by how you think you can escape death, and lastly the Open window is connects by fear.

The Summer People’s theme is all summed up into “Don’t overstay your visit.” It relates to the real world because some people do overstay their visit but don’t usually die. Summer people they had overstayed their welcome at the country side with warnings also which real world gives as well. “No one stays after labor day.” Pg. It was said by one of the farmers that work there. It connects each other from real world to the short story.

In the mask of the red death, people think they can escape death with money, not even Steven Jobs could escape his death with all the money he had. Just like in Mask of Red Death Prince Prospero thought he could just lock his self-up in his castle and that he would not catch the nasty disease.” He hailed the presence of thousand heart filled friends to ball.” Pg. 84. He thought by just locking him-self with his friends he could escape the death. It relates with real world causes.

Lastly, in the Open Window it relates to the real world in how fear can consume your happiness and scare you for a good time. “He was thinking these formal visits would fix nerves.” Pg. 14. Open window connects the fear of people who get scared for their nerves on daily base. Something that has scarred them something that will never go away no matter how hard you try. It connects open window in same real world situations.

In conclusion all the short stories are connected to the real world situations in some ways. There are...
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