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How to Ruin a Saturday Night
This past Saturday night I watched the movie Seven Years in Tibet. This movie was released in 1997 and grossed almost $132,000,000. This movie was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and produced by Iain Smith, John Whilliams, and Jean-Jacques Annaud. Along with Brad Pitt, several other people star in this film such as David Thewlis, B.D. Wong, Mako, Danny Denzongpa, and Victor Wong. This movie is based on a novel which is based on the field notes of Heinrich Harrer (Brad Pitt). This film sparked a lot of controversy in the far east. The Chines government stated that the officers were said to be rude and impolite to the Dalai Lama.

The movie starts out with the Germans heading off to climb the world’s tallest mountain in India, Nanga. When they get to the halfway point, they have to turn back because of avalanches. When they get back down to base camp, they are detained by British MPs because England has declared war on Germany and everywhere that is controlled by England (including India). In the P.O.W. Heinrich and his friend Peter Aufschnaiter hatch an escape plan to walk out of the gates dressed as Indian workers. They go their separate ways when they get out, but eventually meet back up. They venture into the holy city of Lhasa, this city is like the Mecca of Buddhism. They live peacefully for several years and he eventually meets the Dalai Lama. Just when everything seems right with the world, the Chinese invade the peaceful country and Heinrich is forced to flea back to Germany where he meets his son for the first time.

The movie is located in the India and Tibet. Tibet is like a fortress where hundreds of mountains cover the rugged landscape. Since the country is so isolated, it has remained the same for thousands of years, the movie said “it is a place where time stands still”(formal region). Movement is accomplished mainly by Yak(a large furry ox) or on foot. The people in Tibet lived by the same culture since their...
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