Essay on Rizal's Reforms

Topics: Human rights, Freedom of speech, Law Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Rizal’s Program of Reforms

Political Idea #2: Granting and protection of human rights such as freedom of press, freedom of speech and expression, religious freedom, equal protection before the law and freedom of association.

This topic relates as much in the present because of the anti-cybercrime law that the government made. It is now on hold because there were many who opposed in implementing this law. The main reason in opposing the said law is the freedom of speech and expression and the freedom of press which is also in conflict with another existing law.

My opinion regarding this matter is that the government should become specific on what this law contains and have limitations to what it should prevent. I have not read the whole statement but I have heard from the news that there are preventions they wanted to do that is not necessary to prevent. They should not get involved in the social networking sites. They should be focusing on malicious sites and others that could harm the netizens and those who are committing crime through it. I am not against the intention but I think that there are more reasons inside this law other than keeping the people safe from cyber-bullying or preventing crime through the internet.

What’s the point of having this law if even those who made it do not know what they are implementing?

If they are to put into action Rizal’s reforms regarding human rights, they should be appropriate, precise and honest in implementing such programs for the good of the people of the Philippines.
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