Essay on River Ganga.

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Math Skills Lab
High School

• Math Skills Lab is taken in addition to a student’s core math course. • Math Skills Lab, at the high school level, is typically offered in conjunction with a specific core math course (i.e., if a student is enrolled in Conceptual Math they take Conceptual Math Skills Lab). • A students’ placement is primarily based on their level of mathematics achievement as measured by the spring Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT).

1. To provide pre-teaching, re-teaching and/or additional instruction on topics being covered in the core math course. This should NOT be time to complete homework. a. Resources
i. The core math adopted textbook for the associated class. 2. To provide remediation of math skills, as needed.
a. Primary Resource
i. Math Navigator (district purchased, book based math intervention program) 1. see next page for course specific intervention information b. Secondary Resources

i. Apangea Math 6.0 (state purchased, web-based math program) ii. PLATO (state purchased, web-based math program) iii. Additional Math Activities in the Math Skills Lab Binder and on the district’s Curriculum website 3. To provide on-going instruction on the student’s grade-level Math State Content Standards through computerized instruction, games and activities. a. Resources

i. PLATO Courseware that has been specifically aligned to the Idaho State Math Content Standards. This process was done within our district, this courseware is not from PLATO 1. 10th Grade PLATO Math Skills Lab (Custom Learning Resources) ii. Additional Math Activities in the Math Skills Lab Binder and on the district’s Curriculum website

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