Essay on Refrigerator

Topics: Vitamin C, Cream, Coffee Pages: 1 (454 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Yaritza Perez Ms.Majsak English 10/15/12

It was almost Thanksgiving Day just two more days left. I couldn’t wait to go over to my mother in laws house, she made the best key –lime pie. It is my favorite dessert; I love the taste of the lime and the whip cream. So I finally arrive and I’m hoping she made the key-lime pie. As I am helping her prep for the big day, I’m glancing over at the refrigerator. I walk over and notice lots of pictures of her two sons, name Chris and Jimmy. The pictures look like it was taken many years ago. One of the pictures had a pyramid behind them, looks like they went on vacation like Mexico or Egypt. I also see a calendar, which tells me she is very organized. I want to see what’s inside but she wants me to wash the sweet potatoes. So I wash them and cut it into pieces. My mother-in law has to go pick up chopped meat from the deli so I am happy now I can see what’s inside. As I am opening the door the first thing I see is cola-cola two litter bottle almost empty. She treats herself but it’s not a good feeling. Soda is bad for your health; it has too much sugar and can give you a heart attack, as well as kidney stones. I see watermelons, sliced pineapples she likes her fruits I see. Half and half milk she drinks coffee or tea. She cares about her health because she has asparagus and cabbage which provides potent antioxidant. It is also good for the heart and prevents kidney stones. I see lots of sports drinks like Gatorade; she definitely works out or joins a gym. I also see water bottles, which is a good sign because the human body is made of ninety five percent of water, so we need to drink lots of it. My mother-in-law calls me and she is on her way back home. I am checking inside the...
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