Essay on Plato and Bacon

Topics: Mind, Reason, Perception Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Name Haji Dukureh
ENG 101
Date 10/6/12
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The ideas of Plato and Bacon are related as they hold the same relationship between the real world and what is perceived in human mind. These two philosophies I believe could possibly have an percussion to our minds, on how they look at knowledge and the ability to define sense of knowledge, which been consider by Plato and Bacon. They both have possessing their views and still create diverging upon base in reality on human mind.

Although, Plato and Bacon have their little distinguish excluding their similarities on real world and reality perception. Plato has a way of describing how human mind develop information and knowledge, and gathered things quickly. According to Bacon, he talked about "The Four Idols" which are quietly differ from Plato's except "The Idol of The Marketplace. They believe human names and imagine things that do not exist. However, modern day people will always find an excusable reason to confirm some thoughts with evident. So Plato and Bacon plan was to challenge human nature to use our brain with no remorse, which is an understatement. They’re plan could go against humans if people accept the consequences of it. As a result in works of Plato and Bacon, I don't think they contrive the hidden they go up against. They deliver plain evidence that there are plethora of people in the world are disappointed by things that they couldn’t state their side of information comparing to real life things. All of this can specified inexperience, not knowledgeable and some other reasons. Therefore, Plato and Bacon analyze and evidentially make it clear that human can receives information’s and accept knowledge on the same concept, rather than imaging reality. In conclusion, many individuals weren’t led by illusion of things that are noticeable to them as they are. So in the view of Plato and Bacon, they were against the world diversity of naming and imaging things with...
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