Essay on Plagiarism

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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English 101
Essay on Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a very important issue nowadays. More and more students are becoming lazy in their work and find plagiarism which is basically ‘copy and pasting’ paragraphs or sentences from internet sites or books the easiest way of doing work. The usual way of plagiarism is going on a website; inserting key facts and words that will make it easier to find, then find a source which explains exactly what you are looking for and from there copy a sentence or paragraph and paste it into your ‘essay’ or ‘work’ document. This issue has been said that has been going on for a few years but only now it has been recently acknowledged and seen as a problem for society.

As students go on their lives copying work from others their mental processes are undeveloping because they aren’t using their creativity and imagination for such work as they are meant to, by using your own words and knowledge it shows a clear understanding of the research provided. Plagiarism which is basically the use of other people’s words or ideas without giving them credit is only part of the general problem of cheating and cheaters. It is hard to detect cheating as it mostly passes undetected by professors and teachers. In many subjects, plagiarism can be minimized almost completely by appropriate design of the questions asked by the professor or lecturer. By doing this it will make it more difficult for the students to look for the complete answer on the internet therefore could not be plagiaries.

Another issue of plagiarism is the honor code the school or college has which most of all of them do and they are given out and read out to the students in the beginning of the year which states in a complete clear manner that plagiarism is wrong and will be penalized. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to penalize and know who and which student is indeed plagiarism which makes it a universal goal for all faculties and departments to...
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