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Dec 2011 was the first day of my internship. There was a meet going on that time.In which even I was asked to join. The meeting was for there latest collection for spring-summer 2013. In this meeting I saw and came to know how the designer presents they are ideal and thoughts to the other members of the company. They use drawing, printout and small sample of fabrics which they showed to describe they ideals .

I was a long time meeting and in this the full office staffs were involve all the staffs were equally divided according to there interest and work. For the spring summer 2013.The collection was divided into 3 groups • Weaving

• Printing
• Embroidery

The Themes for the collection was already selected there were • Fluid
• Massmania
• System

All the staffs f the company were very helpful and cooperative. They helped me and explained the themes to me very clearly and properly.

Themes are explained here as I understood
❖ Fluid- Feminity + fluidity emphasis this look. Tunics ,airyskirts,flared trousers+ oversized blouses soften the movements. Sparkling sheers seem to reflect the golden daylight. Intricate jacquards represents the transient effects of flowing water. ❖ Specific features- Futuristic volumes, sinous silhoueffes, gliter,iridescence of an abalone shell, delicate+ subtle prints ,invasions of sequins ,technical metalized fabrics, synthetics, printed nylon jaciquard,glinting silicone thready floaty,transparent and airy fabrics. ❖ System- Chromatic games + modern graphics trim the surface.Geaometic panels+ arhitechral designs enrich the fabrics. Chean lines mutate into dynamic shapes.Sportwear inspiration inject energy into texture (mesh.)
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