Essay on Peace

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“Don’t let your mouth speak before your mind”- Albanian expression

This is a very common expression in Albania, which is mostly used to indicate that a person should always think before speaking. People usually tend to say things that they don’t really want to and excuse themselves by saying that they didn’t think the words they said. However, no words are ever said without any thought put into them. When we start speaking, we express our thought out laud and the language we use is a result of the thoughts we carry in our mind. As impossible as this might sound, that we think each time that we speak it is actually not. Even though we tend to speak really fast sometimes, every word we say carries one thought expressed in a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or even numerous book pages. So, there is no real language that we can study, there is only thought that produces this language. As the world evolves so does the language. Have you ever wondered why? Well, with the evolution of new technology for example we are able to think in new perspectives thus new language is created as well. As human beings as well, even though we are all unique we still base our life on our thoughts and believes. As different as our thoughts are they have something in common, they are all insights we carry in our brain. There is always something in common between our thoughts so when we explain our thoughts to others, they compare them to their own thoughts, and at the end they use some of our language to transmit their thoughts. But since not all thoughts are the same they produce some new language to express themselves.
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